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gommers03_150x112.jpgThe Netherlands - Nijmegen | Roofing contractors Gommers have started work on a major renovation of approx.  7,500 m2 of corrugated sheet on a student housing complex in Nijmegen. Fall protection facilities are required by law there. "We first considered building scaffolding. That's what we've been doing for years", says René Gommers, director of Gommers Dakwerken. "Normally we would have to erect about 860 metres of scaffolding. My client, the student housing association in Nijmegen, had read about edge protection for sloping roofs from Roof Safety Systems on the Internet. If you erect scaffolding, you give burglars really easy access to the backdoor of around 750 apartments. That was a problem for the client. The RSS system has solved it."

Roof Safety Systems provided Gommers and its client with a demonstration on site. "With no obligation up front, RSS installed a trial installation of 12 metres on the roof," says René Gommers. That says something about the trust RSS has in its own product. I really liked that. Everyone was enthusiastic. It is a great system that really works. Very convenient and safe. Our employees are really enthusiastic too."

"So we started calculating. We counted up the costs of building and dismantling, the cherry-picker and purchase of the RSS system. The saving versus scaffolding was no less than30%. So we bought 60 metres of edge protection at once. It's a one-time investment that we can also use for future projects."
The renovation has started and will last 7 months.

Gommers dakwerken

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