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teigel-werne-150x112.jpgGermany - Werne | Rainer Teigel specializes in the installation of PV-equipment. Thanks to the RSS steep roof system, Ranier Teigel is able to secure his construction sites quickly and safely. ″It's a fabulous system and we are much more flexible than we used to be. It's almost as if we have no need for scaffolding anymore. I charge the customer 50% of the usual costs for the scaffolding. The customer is satisfied because of the low costs. Besides that, there are no drill holes in the wall anymore. I serve my building sites irrespectively of the rigger and I am still able to offer my customers the whole package.″ - Rainer Tiegel (Owner) 

In the beginning Rainer Teigel ordered 15 meters of the steep roof system  and the system has already paid for itself, saving the company (give and amount of money per job) in a short amount of time.

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